Where it all started....

Where it all started....


Corfu Wireless was formed as an organisation to deliver connectivity to a remote area in Corfu, Arillas. We gradually became established within the local community which encouraged us to broaden our services. We are incredibly thankful for all of the support we have received and hope you can continue to support us on our journey. 

Today, we are proud to have a small team of dedicated technicians who are here to secure our newest members and provide network-wide quality aftercare and support. 

We provide a unique and high quality service at a very great value.



We firmly believe that within today's society, having the ability to be connected to the world should be a necessity. The growing use of internet usage amongst the world gives us a great opportunity to expand as demand has significantly increased. 

We make sure we keep things simple, but efficient. 



Our long term aim is to increase our coverage areas to as many towns and villages in Corfu. We also want to ensure we can offer service to remote areas of Corfu Island where some households may find it a struggle to receive service. 



We endeavour to be the best that we can and ensure we keep to our values at all times. We shall always have in mind what we started with, which was to give the people of Corfu an alternative Internet Service Provider which is hopefully more suited to them. We will try our upmost to reach areas of Corfu with very limited connectivity therefore ensuring all households shall have the oppurtunity to become apart of Corfu Wireless. 

Be a part of the newest network in North Corfu. Corfu Wireless delivers the best service it possibly can at the best possible price. With Corfu Wireless, being a member means more than just having your technology needs taken care of, it's being part of the community. 

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For all enquiries please find the email address or telephone number below:

Email: info@corfuwireless.com
 Tel:     +30 7007002690

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