Coverage Areas

We are able to offer our services in the following areas:

-  Arillas
-  Avliotes

- Peroulades
-  San Stefanos (Avlioton)
-  Staousa (Avlioton)
-  Afionas
-  Kavvadades

- Rachtades

- Armenades

- Kounavades

- Gousades / Kouratika

- Sidari

- Melitsa
- Agios Ioannis (Karousades)
- Karousades (partial coverage)

- Livadi (Velonadon)
-  San George (North)
-  Aspiotades
-  Dafni 
(partial coverage)
-  Pagoi (partial coverage)

-  Prinilas (partial coverage)



Coverage Locations



Please be aware before an installation can proceed, a technician from the Corfu Wireless Team must visit your home to confirm that you are within the coverage zone. Once this has been confirmed, the installation will be arranged.