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Products and Services 

Why is Corfu Wireless perfect for me?
No contracts. Don't get tied down. No one likes being somewhere they don't want to be, do they? For as long as your happy to receive our service we are delighted to supply you. Although if you do wish to leave us, we ask you to inform us. Simply send us an email at
Personal and Flexible. With the Island of Corfu being a tourist rich destination, we understand that sometimes you just do not need your service to be activated 12 months a year. We therefore enable you to simply enable your service as and when you require. 
Plans. We understand that not all people require a top speed connection. Lower speeds are available which are of course at a lower monthly fee. Speak to one of our technicians to find out what suits your needs best.
No Telephone Line Necessary. Dont worry, no telephone line is needed. which obviously means less bills! However, if you are interested in having your landline phone going through our network, we can also help to arrange this for you. See below about our VoIP Phone packages.
Reliable and Efficient. With our state-of-the art equipment and highly specialised knowledge we are able to provide the most innovative solutions for WiFi connections here in Corfu. We keep up to date with the latest technologies, to ensure we can exceed the needs of our customers.
Does Corfu Wireless offer Service in my area?
Click the link below to find out all the areas we are able to offer our service to. If we do not currently offer to your area, please check back as we are continuing to update and expand our coverage areas.


Internet Plans

Up to 18Mbps     


/ month

18Mbps Download - 3Mbps Upload

Perfect  for homes with multiple devices connected. Also good for streaming,  video-calls , CCTV systems/security camera and gaming.

  • Dynamic External IP

  • Static Internal IP

  • No Traffic Limit




Perfect for businesses, villas and apartments hosting guests with multiple devices connecting. Also good for homes with Heavy Downloader’s.



/ month

30Mbps Download - 5Mbps Upload

Up to 30Mbps     


  • Dynamic External IP

  • Static Internal IP

  • No Traffic Limit


*Internet speeds may vary depending on many factors. Please consul a corfu wireless technisian to learn more.

Installation options


Installation Options and Fees


Connection Fee + Installation Fee

Connection fee is 100 euros which includes first  2 months of plus plan internet service

Installation fee is 70 euros but can vary depending on location 


Land Line Phone Solutions


  • Dedicated for telephone communications only

  • LOW COST pay as you go credit

  • Keep your current number

  • Talk for longer for less

  What Will I Need?

  • A VoIP Adaptor              

  • One time off installation setup

VoIP Phones
VoIP Pricing

VoIP phones use Voice over IP technologies for placing and transmitting telephone calls. This is a much newer technology as opposed to the traditional method using the Public Telephone Network.

VoIP phones are reliable, modern and a cost effective alternative to traditional phones. They are increasing in popularity because of these such features.

VoIP phones are perfect for all situations, including use in offices, businesses and within homes.

They allow you to make calls to other countries at extremely good value. 

Never go over your phone bill, or be shocked with a high phone bill as the credit is pay as you go. 


Newest Technology

Why choose VoIP?


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