CW Professional

We can create, install and programme a hotspot specifically to your business needs! This can help to advertise your business by diverting people to your website.

This is a GREAT option for hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants or anywhere where there would be a lot of connections.

Why do I want a hotspot?
- Divert people to your website
- Have time limits on connections
- Have unique account for owners/staff/customer
- Set limits so 'free users' do not drain all your internet by 'downloading'.

Internet access for your clients via HOTSPOT.

P2P- Phone services - Private networks- VPN

If you would like more information on all of these services we can offer for you business please CONTACT US with your requirements.


We can offer more to support your businesses needs. Please just contact us with what you are looking for and we shall let you know what we can do for you.